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The Best Canadian Online Sneaker Stores

The Best Canadian Online Sneaker Stores

The Canadian sneaker culture has grown fast in the past years. Buying online from American sites can be painful because of the expensive international shipping and duties. However, there are Canadian online stores where you can purchase limited-edition sneakers, avoid expensive shipping, and duty fees. Without further ado, below are the best Canadian online stores.

Staying Fresh

If you used to buy from FlightClub or Stadium Goods as a Canadian, Stay Fresh should be your go-to store. The consignment store has a diverse inventory. They carry an astounding collection from Nike, Adidas, Jordans, and more. Staying Fresh’s physical stores are in British Columbia.
The other stores listed below do not always feature the most limited sneakers but are still valuable websites to consider.


Livestock specializes in sneakers and streetwear. They located in Vancouver and Toronto. Unfortunately, their inventory is not as diverse as the previous stores. However, they will have some of the sought-after sneakers when they release. They do not offer StockX or GOAT prices, but it is still great for a Canadian sneaker store.


The store is in Ottawa, and it is one of the oldest sneaker stores in Canada. It is more like a retail store, so you will not necessarily find the newest Yeezys there. They have a decent inventory, but it lacks diversity. If you want to buy sneakers at retail, it is arguably the best store.


Haven is an apparel and footwear store, and their stores are in Toronto and Vancouver. It is not a sneaker store, therefore do not expect to find all the hottest sneakers on its online store. But it is a Haven if you are looking to purchase streetwear brands.

Less 17

Less 17 is one of the few apparel stores that sell sneakers in Calgary. You can buy sneakers at retail, but it does not always have some of the sought-after sneakers. And if they do, it goes out of stock fast.


NXTDROP is the StockX or GOAT of Canada. The marketplace authenticates every sneaker purchased and makes sure you never get scammed again. Besides, the authentication process is fast. Generally, it takes 8–12 business days to receive your sneakers.
In conclusion, all these websites are exceptional sneaker stores to buy your favorite sneakers. What differentiates them is their pricing and inventory. The best advice we can give to any buyer is to compare the prices and buy from the cheapest. Facebook groups and Kijiji are still great options, but you should be careful. Fake sneakers are getting better and better. The truth is, we will not always have the best prices because we cannot control the sellers. But to have a better sneaker experience in Canada, there must be a sneaker marketplace based in Canada to cultivate the market. It is just the beginning.

To buy and sell sneakers, visit our marketplace, NXTDROP, the best online sneaker store in Canada.

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