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The reason you should avoid StockX

Buying From StockX As A Canadian

The Canadian sneaker experience sucks! Duty fees, exchange rates, high shipping costs, no resale marketplace like StockX or GOAT, consignment stores are expensive, and the list goes on…It almost feels like the sneaker gods cursed Canada. Have you ever gone to a consignment shop and tried copping a pair you always wanted? Well, we did. We tried getting the Nike LD Waffle Sacai “Black” in one store in size 10. It cost $1,100. StockX says the market value is $741 at this time. Yes, that’s $359 more. Sometimes, you’re better off buying from StockX and paying duties than purchasing from consignment stores. We know you probably can relate to the situation. Sadly, this hobby sucks in Canada. But we’re here to help and show you how you can purchase the sneakers you want without having to pay duties.

There are a few ways to buy highly sought-after sneakers in Canada today:
1) Pay resale price in consignment stores
2) Buy from StockX or Goat and pay duty fees
3) Get good deals on Facebook groups
4) Buy from Kijiji or eBay (in other words, play Russian roulette 🎲)
5) Get the shoe at retail when it drops (if you’re lucky 🤞)

Although this article is about avoiding StockX because of import fees, we’ll touch a little bit on the other options. If you’re like us, there is no way you’re buying sneakers that are $359 over the current market price. Facebook groups are great for finding steals until the seller flakes, tries to scam you, and makes you lose time. That is the reason why people are now leaving these groups for companies like StockX or Goat. If you’re really about risking it all, try eBay or Kijiji and pray to receive authentic shoes. For the sake of this article, we ordered the Nike LD Waffle Sacai “Black” (size10) on StockX and NXTDROP to compare prices and savings. StockX is a great company but not so great for Canadians and here’s why:
On StockX, we bought the shoes for $741, paid shipping fees of $39.69, processing fees of $14.82, and authentication was free. In total, it cost $795.51.

On NXTDROP, we bought the shoes for $795 and paid $18 shipping. In total, it cost $813.
We knew the StockX pair would incur duties. Seven days later, we received an email from DHL saying we had to pay $193.49 in duties and taxes. In the end, the StockX pair cost $989. That is $176 more than the NXTDROP pair.
Yes, you save more buying from NXTDROP because it is a Canadian based sneaker marketplace. If you are feeling uncertain about how legit NXTDROP is, we’ll post below some examples of what our users are saying.

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